Leo, the king of our castle

Monday, March 7, 2011

Two weeks in...

It's official. We've been bunny owners for two weeks now. Leo, our adorable lop bunny, has wormed his way into all of our hearts -- he did that within a day!

Leo celebrated the two-week mark by venturing into new territory yesterday. Up until then, he stayed in the family room/kitchen area we prepared before adopting him from the San Diego House Rabbit Society. Yesterday he ventured around the corner for the first time and discovered the living room! He immediately dashed in and began exploring all the nooks and crannies. He looked totally happy and comfortable. My first thought was "Oh no! We haven't even begun to bunny proof in here yet" but I supervised him closely and he didn't get into any trouble. So far, Leo hasn't displayed any chewing behaviors outside his X-pen. I've been pleasantly surprised. It's early days though. I know it's too soon to let our guard down. Bunny proofing shall commence immediately in the living room. I can tell that the living room will quickly become Leo's "go-to" place in our house.

Here's a question. Could the tile floor between the family room and the living room be forming a barrier of sorts for Leo? He hasn't exactly avoided the tile, but clearly prefers carpet. Maybe it's too cold on his feet?

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